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EASA PRODUCT LIST Small Aeroplanes 30/04/2021 TC Holder State of Design Type Model TCDS/SAS Number Applicable Fees & Charges Category Certification Specification Remarks AD HOLDINGS INC. USA THORP T-211 US A-791 HTOL ≤ 1 200 kg CS-VLA AERO AT SP. Z.O.O. Poland AT-3 Series AT-3R100 EASA.A.021 HTOL ≤ 1 200 kg CS-VL EASA PRODUCT LIST Large Aeroplanes 15/04/2021 TC Holder State of Design Type Model TCDS/SAS Number Applicable Fees & Charges Category Remarks 328 SUPPORT SERVICES GMBH Germany 328 Dornier 328-100 EASA.A.096 HTOL > 5 700 kg ≤ 22 000 kg 328 SUPPORT SERVICES GMBH Germany 328 Dornier 328-300 EASA.A.096 HTOL > 5 700 kg ≤ 22 000 k EASA PRODUCT LIST Engines 30/04/2021 TC Holder State of Design Type Model TCDS/SAS Number Applicable Fees & Charges Category Certification Specification Remarks CFM INTERNATIONAL SA France CFM56-2/CFM56-3 CFM56-3B EASA.E.066 Engine > 25 KN TOT Turbine CS-E CFM INTERNATIONAL SA France CFM56-2/CFM56-3 CFM56-3C EASA.E.066 Engine > 25 KN TOT Turbine CS-

  1. EASA FDM Conference; Safety Promotion Network (SPN) European Safety Promotion Network Rotorcraft (ESPN-R) Safety Promotion Initiatives; Safety Management System (SMS) SMS - EASA Rules; SMS - Europe; SMS - International; European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS) Technical Training offered by us; Volcanic Ash; Research & Innovation. AI Roadmap; Research. Research project
  2. EASA Elbit Systems Electro-optics ELOP Ltd. 5 Ha'Mada Street 7670305 Rehovot Israel EASA.21G.0069 European Union Aviation Safety Agency Scope of work: C1 Competent authority: C2 Elbit Systems Ltd. 11 Hayozrim street Industrial Area PO Box 650 20101 Karmiel Israel EASA.21G.0016 +9724 990 1111 +9724 990 1178 European Union Aviation Safety Agency Scope of work: Phone: Fax
  3. Separate EASA Type Rating & License Endorsement Lists are published by the Agency, one for Helicopters and one for all other Aircraft. These lists constitute the class and type of aircraft categorisations in accordance with FCL.010 (category of aircraft, class of aeroplane, and type of aircraft), FCL.700 and GM1 FCL.700 of Annex I of Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 of 3 November 2011 (Part-FCL), as amended
  4. Flight Controls - Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer Actuator / Electric Load Sensing Device - Modification. send comment. AIRBUS. A330. A340. 197 kb. 21-065. 2021-05-04. Oxygen - Low-Pressure Oxygen Flexible Hoses - Replacement
  5. An EASA FSTD qualification certificate has an unlimited duration (ARA.FSTD.100). It remains valid as long as its Status is ACTIVE in the list below. See footnote for additional information. EASA Code Operator Qual. Level Manufacturer Type Country City End Org. Oversight Planning Cycle (OPC) End FSTD Recurrent 12-month Period Status : EU-FR172: Egyptair Training Academy: FFS Level D: Airbus.

According to Regulation (EC) No. 1592, the EASA takes responsibility for the design approval of products, parts, and appliances designed, manufactured, or used by persons under the regulatory oversight of EU Member States, except for those excluded by its Annex II 7 or by its Article 1.2 (products engaged in military, customs, police, or similar services) EASA is priced based on your configuration requirements such as the number of apps deployed, the number and type of users (consumers of the apps), number of servers as well as being based on several product options. The pricing is the same whether you install EASA on your local network or in a cloud such as AWS or Azure (Note: such hosting is not offered directly by us). If you would like to have an exact cost please contact us below The EASA creates aviation safety legislation, conducts inspections and training for implementation of European aviation safety legislation, approves aircraft design organizations and works to harmonize aviation safety standards internationally. The EASA consists of several branches, including a certification directorate, flight standards directorate, resource and support directorate, and strategy and safety directorate. All branches are governed by a team of executive directors

The prices for imprinted products listed in the Price List at the back of this brochure are for black ink only. Imprinted prices listed are an estimate only. Contact Customer Service Representative Nancy Kemper at EASA Headquarters (+1 314 993 2220 or nkemper@easa.com) for exact prices on ALL orders for imprinted products. Colors (Inks MEGGITT SA EASA PART 21/G PRODUCTION ORGANISATION CAPABILITY LIST GQD-1003 Rev. 48 © Meggitt SA Page 8 Part No. Alternative Part No. Part Name Manufactur er EASA Rating Aircraft/Engine Eligibility Design Approval Holder DDA 144-183-000-021 Snecma Ref. 301-799-601- Accelerometer (No.1 Bearing) Meggitt SA C2 CFM56-5B1, CFM56-5B2, CFM56-5B4 EASA's international membership is divided into 10 Regions that are made up of 32 Chapters. EXPLORE CHAPTERS & EVENTS NEAR YOU. Store. EASA's Online Store; Downloads You Have Purchased; Service Center Software; EASA Technical Manual; How To Wind Three-Phase Stators; Failures in Three-Phase Stator Windings; Electrical Engineering Pocket Handboo SafetyEmphasis Item (SEI) List Revision 0 Dated March 22, 2018. This list is the FAA Small Airplane Standards Branch (SASB) required Safety Emphasis Item (SEI) per EASA Technical Implementation Procedure (TIP) Rev 6 or later for incoming FAA validation projects. This list not only covers 14 CFR part 2 EASA Airworthiness Directives Publishing Tool. Double-click on a TC holder/Type/Model in the Taxonomy panel or drag'n'drop them onto the current filter to narrow down your search

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About EASA. EASA enables customers to blend the agility and flexibility of Excel, with the convenience and security of a low-code platform. EASA has a unique approach to deploying existing, Excel spreadsheet-based tools as secure, custom web applications. These apps can be deployed within a web portal for use by internal or external staff, including partners, resellers, suppliers or customers. Even sophisticated spreadsheets with VB and macros can be deployed with EASA ePARTS bundles EASA Parts in ebooks that are Complete, Current, Consolidated and Clickable: EASA Air OPS (EU 965/2012), EASA AIR CREW (EU 1178/2010), EASA Part-21 (Annex to EU 748/2012) and EASA Part-M, EASA Part-145, EASA Part-66 and EASA Part-147 (Annexes to EU 1321/2014). Consolidated EASA Regulations: All e PARTS are now PRINTABLE e PARTS is a product of . Home; Main features; Versions.

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Alle Änderungen und Reparaturen an Luftfahrzeugen, Triebwerken, Propellern sowie Bau- und Ausrüstungsteilen, die unter die Verantwortung der EASA fallen, bedürfen der Genehmigung durch die Europäische Agentur für Sicherheit der Luftfahrt (EASA) EASA Airworthiness Directives Publishing Tool. You are not logged in Safety Publications Tool. Keyword: advanced search. List of Safety Information Displaying records 1 to 20 out of a total of 796 publications. Number Issued by Issue date Subject Approval Holder / Type Designation. Hauptaufgabender EASA Vorschriftenerstellung Standardisierungs‐Programme / Inspektionen Musterzulassung luftfahrttechnischer Produkte Genehmigung und Aufsicht über innereurop. Entwicklungsbetriebe & Organisationen in Drittländern Koordination SAFA Datenerhebung, Analyse und Forschun working with international stakeholders to improve safety in Europe (e.g. the 'EU air safety list' - a list of banned operators). Structure. EASA consists of 5 directorates: Executive directorate - includes chief engineer, communication & quality department, legal departmen

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EASA-PRODUCT-LIST-Small-Aeroplanes.pdf: Download : EASA-PRODUCT-LIST-Small-Aeroplanes. Version 149 Downloads 401.47 KB File Size 1 File Count June 4, 2016 Create Date June 4, 2016 Last Updated Scroll for Details. The table below lists responsibilities for determining that products, appliances, and parts operating in the EU meet the appropriate airworthiness requirements and issuing the appropriate certification. It also lists responsibilities for approving design, production, and maintenance organizations: Airworthiness Certification Responsibilitie The EASA Accreditation Program utilizes a checklist consisting of 23 categories for more than 70 mandatory criteria elements. The auditor evaluates each criteria line item for evidence of conformity by review of applicable service center repair documents or by observation of service center practices. Review of the calibration status of associated equipment is also performed by the auditor. (Note: Calibration requirements apply to all instruments included in the required equipment list.

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The European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) is the single authoritative voice on advertising self-regulation issues in Europe. Advertising self-regulation helps ensure that ads are legal, decent, honest and truthful and by doing so helps create consumer trust in advertising and in brands. 3 Mar 2021 WFA event: #BuildBackBetter: Can marketing. EASA Part-145 Approval certificate reference number: EASA.145.5588 You are reminded that you will be required to submit your next renewal paperwork package in accordance with the MAG which is available on our web site at www.easa.europa.eu. Yours faithfully, Karl Specht This is a computer generated document valid without a signature V toy . . . This SIB revises EASA SIB 2018-04R1 dated 13 September 2018. Ref. Publications: None. Applicability: Type Certificate (TC) holders, Supplemental Type Certificate holders, equipment manufacturers, maintenance organisations, production organisations and aluminium alloy producers. Description

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CS 25 (EASA) JAR 25 approves the design and production of the part or appliance It may meet a given SAE or NAS specification or, for avionic equipment, an RTCA or EUROCAE MOPS (Minimum Operational Performance Spec). These specifications are usually part of the (E)TSO. ETSO Purpose (E)TSO approval is most useful for stand alone 'common user'items. Logically loses validity for more. EASA Airworthiness Directives Publishing Tool. You are not logged in Safety Publications Tool. Keyword: advanced search. List of Mandatory Continuing Airworthiness Information Displaying records 1 to 20 out of a total of 15843 publications. Number Issued by Issue date Subject Approval Holder / Type Designation. For instance, EASA is entirely responsible for the certification of aircraft types and other aeronautical products. EASA also issues certificates for organizations located in third countries. The national authorities of the Member States continue however to issue, under EASA monitoring, individual certificates to aircraft and most organizations and personnel located in their territory. Such certificates are issued on the basis of common, directly applicabl

Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) have determined that the aircraft certification systems of each Authority for the design approval, production approval, airworthiness approval, and continuing airworthiness of the civil aeronautical products and articles identified in this document, are sufficientl List of Mandatory Continuing Airworthiness Information Displaying records 181 to 200 out of a total of 15845 publications. Number Issued by Issue date Subject Approval Holder / Type Designation Effective date Attachment; US-2020-26-16: 2021-02-09 NOT ADOPTED - EASA DECISION ATTACHED PIPER AIRCRAFT INC. PA-28 (Archer) PA-28 (Cadet) PA-28 (Cherokee) PA-28 (Warrior) PA-28R (Arrow) PA-32 (Cherokee. Entire list of AD / EASA Biweekly Reports. The following list is a summary of Airworthiness Directives (AD), which were published up to the issue date on page A of this summary. It takes into account those aircraft models which are currently registered or reserved in the Swiss aircraft registry. This list is intended to be an aid in determining.

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Freigabebescheinigung EASA-Formblatt 1 - Ausgabe 3. Artikel EASA Form 1 - Issue 3 - Generisch Herunterladen (FileTypevnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document, 56KB, Datei ist nicht barrierefrei Here you will find all the information for the implementation and follow-up of the Easa Quality Compliance Monitoring management for air operators (AOC) according to the requirements of the EASA regulations and of the ICAO, IOSA and IATA standards Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc. 1677 Curtiss Court, La Verne, CA 91750. FAA# RF3R813L | EASA.145.5554 | Toll Free: 800-866-7335 | Voice: 909-593-8400 | Fax: 909-593-849 EASA has a Pump & Vibration Specialist on staff and can provide engineering advice and troubleshooting to your technicians. EASA also publishes technical articles focusing on all types of pumps, pump operation, pump design and pump troubleshooting. EASA also has seminars and training that focus specifically on pumps and the special issues facing pump repairers Die Europäische Technische Standardzulassung (englisch European Technical Standard Order, ETSO) ist eine detaillierte Lufttüchtigkeitsspezifikation für Bau- und Ausrüstungsteile von Luftfahrzeugen.. Europäische Technische Standardzulassungen werden von der Europäischen Agentur für Flugsicherheit (European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA) herausgegeben und gelten somit in erster Linie für.

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Information on Candidate List substances in articles table; REACH registration statistics; C&L Inventory; Substances restricted under REACH; Biocidal Active Substances; Biocidal Products; List of active substances and suppliers; Chemicals subject to PIC; Transitional Measures; Information from the Existing Substances Regulation (ESR In the meantime, we have agreed with EASA and the European Commission interim arrangements to allow for continued mutual recognition of approvals and certificates for production and the recognition of designs approved on or before 31 December 2020. This means the UK and the EU will continue to automatically accept products made on or before 31 December by organisations in product categories. Current production standard of the A320 [Family jets] is not affected by this quality escape. Less than 2% of the fleet could potentially be affected. Which aircraft are affected? EASA states that this issue affects aircraft that have a date of manufacture before June 30th, 2015. Some aircraft manufactured after this may also be affected, due to the possibility that an affected part has. EASA, Part 66, Part 147, B1, B1.1, B2. This set includes each fully compliant study module required for both B1.1 or B2 at its more advanced level between both the B1.1 (airplane-turbine) and B2 (avionics) licenses

Aircraft: Model/Series: STC Number: System: FAA-PMA Kit # Spec Sheet: BOEING 717: 200: FAA ST03817AT: Kannad ELT: 2905571K-1: Download: BOEING 717: 200: EASA 10060403. Operational evaluations have been conducted by the JAA and then by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) since 1997. Under the OEB scheme aircraft manufacturers submitted, on a voluntary basis, recommendations for the approval of aircraft type rating training courses (flight and cabin crew) and the minimum equipment lists (MELs) The History of EASA EASA was created on 15 July 2002. The agency took over functions of the JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities) in 2008. The History of JAA . The Joint Aviation Authorities, or JAA, was an associated body of the ECAC representing the civil aviation regulatory authorities of a number of European States who had agreed to co-operate in developing and implementing common safety. America, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) hereby certifies: CSI AEROSPACE, INC FAA NUMBER: V2ER333Y 2020 W Detroit Street Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012 United States of America as a Part-145 maintenance organization approved to maintain the products listed i

Related products. EASA Minor Change Approval (MCA) for PowerFLARM Fusion € 99.00 - € 249.00 Select options; Cart. News in Sidebar. Blog. 2021-01-29 A word on maintenance. more. 2021-01-14 ADS-R and TIS-B now in PowerFLARM! more. Post for sidebar. Obstacles 2021. The updated Obstacle databases for 2021 are now available in our shop. Please leave this field empty. NEWSLETTER. Subscribe to. Production in EASA - Flight Standards 21 March 2017 CAA UK POA meeting Gatwick 3 New FS director Jesper Rasmusen from 1.4.2017 . EASA tasks for POA 21 March 2017 CAA UK POA meeting Gatwick 4 EASA Flight Standards Directorate • FS1.1 Maintenance and Production Standardisation Section • POA Standardisation (of EU MS NAAs) • Support of International cooperation (BASA, WA) • AW. You are strongly advised not to wait until the last few days before the deadline to submit your application, since heavy internet traffic or a problem with your internet connection could lead to not being able to submit the application on time. Please note, it is your responsibility to submit your application before the deadline stated in the vacancy notice

America, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) hereby certifies: MTU Maintenance Dallas, Inc. FAA NUMBER: ROOR948X 615 Westport Parkway, Suite 600 Grapevine, Texas 76051 United States of America I I as a Part-145 maintenance organization approved to maintain the products listed i Blue Sky Network and our customers are regularly applying for and receiving an FAA certificate and/or EASA certificate for Blue Sky Network SATCOM equipment. We will keep this list up to date as additional aircraft types are certified for our equipment. Please note that in many cases, our installed, FAA approved equipment does not require an STC and can be done o

Both EASA 2016 and 2020 syllabus. ATPL, CPL, IR, CBIR, EIR and FOC. Airplanes and Helicopters. EAN: 8594192330042. CONTAINS FOLLOWING EASA SUBJECTS. 010 Air Law. 010-01 International Law: Conventions, Agreements, Organizations. 010-02 Airworthiness of Aircraft. 010-03 Aircraft Nationality and Registration Marks Certifying Staff will also be required to sign the EASA Form 1 (Authorised Release Certificate) for a product, part or appliance and EASA Form 52 for a complete aircraft. Signing the release document is a testament to the fact that the product, part or appliance is in fully conformity to the applicable design data, and is in a condition for safe operation To be certain you get the best fit, check the other EASA alternatives listed below and analyze their features. It may also be a good idea to compare them with each other to get the best one. Our panel of B2B experts have evaluated EASA with a total rating of 8.0/10 after a period of thorough tests. Actual customers of EASA have an average satisfaction rating with the product at 95% which reflects their opinion about this solution. If you spend some time examining other EASA alternatives you.

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Submit a General Technical Inquiry Submit a Verification/Redesign Request Search the Resource Library Download the EASA Technical Manual Phone: +1 314 993 2220 Fax: +1 314 993 299 Capability List Arbeitsumfang: FAA AQQY020K: FAA Genehmigung als Repair Station: LufABw-LTB-030-16 : Luftfahrtamt der Bundeswehr Genehmigung als Luftfahrtbetrieb für Luftfahrtgeräte der Bundeswehr - Instandhaltung: EASA.21J.046: EASA Genehmigung als Entwicklungsbetrieb: EASA ETSO: EASA ETSO / AP137 Genehmigung: DE.21G.0152: EASA Genehmigung als Herstellungsbetrie Freigabebescheinigung EASA-Formblatt 1 - für Instandhaltungsbetriebe nach Teil-M Unterabschnitt F Ausgabe 3 Artikel EASA Form 1 - Teil-MF Issue 3 Herunterladen (FileTypevnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document, 57KB, Datei ist nicht barrierefrei

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EASA.21J.072 1 Scope This Design Organisation Approval is applicable for the scope defined in Annex A for design work with regard to the airworthiness, operational suitability and environmental characteristics of the products. 2 Privileges a) (Reserved) b) (Reserved women owned, faa/easa certifed repair station. aircraft component repair oxygen equipment repair & overhaul aircraft fire extinguishers testing engineering services , manufacturing and technical services spares and assy sales, oem traced, repair station 145 trace, pma parts and certification EASA is authorised to conduct the investigations required in order to issue the relevant certificates and ensure continued safety oversight. The European Strategic Safety Initiative (ESSI) (ESSI), launched by EASA, was an aviation safety partnership in Europe. Its objective was to further enhance safety in Europe and for the European citizen worldwide in 2007-2017, through analysis of safety data, coordination with safety initiatives worldwide, and the implementation of cost effective action. Custom-Branded Promotional Products. EASA has partnered with Midwest Promotional Group to provide you with savings on promotional items including calendars and tools. Leave a lasting impression with your customers. Visit our co-branded website to order your products online

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On the EASA side, the EASA issues only one TC, because the IR Part 21 does not require identification of the place of manufacture of the engine. However, comparison of the FAA/EASA TCs shows that all ratings, limitations and all other pertinent airworthiness and certification data listed are identical. Older CFM models, for example the CFM56-2 and-3 series, still retain the dual French DGAC TCs, one is for the models assembled in the United States, and the other one is in France. EASA Part 21G Approval as a production organisation by the German federal aviation authority. 1 January 2020. Since June 2013 Erwin Halder KG has obtained approval as production organisation in accordance with EASA Part 21G. Production Organisation Approval Certificate 21G . EASA Part 21G Gindele Jürgen. Federal Aviation Administration and EASA have different kinds of type certificates that are only listed here because detailed information is provided in Chapter 8 of this book. Connected with the type certification are the requirements for changes to type certificates, the approval of parts and appliances, the environmental protection and the certification of imported product. A subchapter is.

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EASA PERMIT TO FLY. 1. INTRODUCTION . This Notice has been issued to provide guidance to owners/operators of aircraft, approved design, maintenance and production organisations and licensed aircraft maintenance engineers, on applications to the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) for an EASA Permit to Fly (EASA Form 20a) in accordance with Part 21 Subpart P now in force. A . Permit to Fly is. This supplement approval allows performing maintenance services on Canadian registered aeronautical products subject to compliance with EASA Part-145 requirements and the specific regulatory requirements as detailed in the Agreement Annex B Appendix B1 and the Maintenance Annex Guidance ( MAG ). 4. Please be reminded that TCCA scope of ratings and limitations must not exceed the ones specified.

A type certificate signifies the airworthiness of a particular category of aircraft, according to its manufacturing design (type design).It confirms that the aircraft of a new type intended for serial production, is in compliance with applicable airworthiness requirements established by the national air law.. For up to three seats, primary category aircraft, certification costs around US$1m. These lists are used to categorize EASA member state products/approvals seeking FAA validation - consult the FAA/EASA Technical Implementation Procedures (TIP) for information on how to apply these lists. For amendment pairs not identified in the SSD table, or for further information on the SSD and SEI lists, contact the FAA Engine & Propeller Standards Branch: Manager, Engine & Propeller.

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Airworthiness is the measure of an aircraft's suitability for safe flight.Certification of airworthiness is conferred by a certificate of airworthiness from the state of aircraft registry national aviation authority, and is maintained by performing the required maintenance actions.. Certification is based on standards applied by national aviation authorities (Deviations from the above are possible when agreed by EASA) Subpart F - Concerns Production without POA Approval. Used when Subpart G is not appropriate, or as part of a development process where release of product, part or appliance is needed prior to the subsequent certification and issuance of Subpart G approval. Relates to Statement of Conformity & typically requires validation of each. EASA Part 21G Approval as a production organisation by the German federal aviation authority. January 1, 2020. Since June 2013 Erwin Halder KG has obtained approval as production organisation in accordance with EASA Part 21G. Production Organisation Approval Certificate 21G . EASA Part 21G Gindele Jürgen. Check out easa_liu's 3d printed product lists on Shapeways. There's wishlists, favorites, and other curated product goodies to explore EASA Part-145 Approval certificate reference number: EASA.145.6164 You are reminded that you will be required to submit your next renewal paperwork package in accordance with the MAG which is available on our web site at www.easa.europa.eu. CJ . . . . An agency of the European Union Postal address: Postfach 10 12 53 Tel.: +49 22189990 6047 50452 Cologne, Germany E-m'ail: foreign145@easa.europa. OSD Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) (see EASA CS-MMEL Master Minimum Equipment List), consisting of the MMEL. 2.4.2 Evaluation of U.S. Operational and/or Maintenance Aspects The FAA has established Aircraft Evaluation Groups (AEG) that are responsible for the operational and maintenance evaluations necessary to support introduction of products into the FAA system. Verordnung (EU) Nr. 216/2008 . Titel: Verordnung (EG) Nr. 216/2008 des Europäischen Parlaments und des Rates vom 20. Februar 2008 zur Festlegung gemeinsamer Vorschriften für die Zivilluftfahrt und zur Errichtung einer Europäischen Agentur für Flugsicherheit, zur Aufhebung der Richtlinie 91/670/EWG des Rates, der Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1592/2002 und der Richtlinie 2004/36/E Secondly, EASA has also, for the time being, mandated that the MAX's autopilot should not be used for certain types of high-precision landings. The latter is expected to be a short-term restriction. EASA's directive will be open for consultation through December 22, 2020. The agency said that it expects to publish its final directive. EASA DAT Certificates are based on the EU Regulation 2017/373 and are equivalent to FAA Letters of Acceptance. Furthermore, bilateral recognition of EASA DAT and FAA LOA exists as documented in the Technical Implementation Procedures for Airworthiness and Environmental Certification

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